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Breeze through test day by studying a set of questions developed by over 7,000 medical professionals with special emphasis on the mechanisms underlying disease, health, and modes of therapy.

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Identify concepts that you know the best, and question categories that need further review.
Automatically generate practice quizzes in areas you need the most work to master.
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Generate practice quizzes with 16,780 questions. Choose 4 different difficulty levels. Pick from 25 areas of Anatomic Science. Pick from 25 areas of Clinical Sciences and a full MOCK USMLE Step 1 test.

Pinpoint Weakness
Pinpoint Weakness

Based on how you are answering questions in both Anatomical and Clinical Sciences

Compare Yourself
Compare Yourself

Measured on individual performance as well as comparing you to your peers

Understand Errors
Understand Errors

Full explanations with more than 8,000 peer-reviewed PubMed articles for further review


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